Sierra Geosynthetic Services specializes in the installation and supply of geosynthetics. Sierra Geosynthetic Services is also set up to do repairs, temporary ponds, transitional secondary containment areas, and inspections.
Other Services
Both large and small projects call for a lot of coordination with owners, contractors and suppliers. SGS' team of managers, marketing, sales, office support personnel, construction supervisors and installation technicians make available a height of expertise and performance not found elsewhere in the industry. If you need assistance finding the right product for the project to go smoothly, economically and safely - call SGS.
Installation Services
SGS installs a wide range of geosynthetics including geomembranes, geotextiles, geocomposites, and geogrids. Our state of the art seaming methods help provide the most complete and accurate installation methods. Along with these materials, SGS is able to supply all the ancillary components of a geosynthetic liner system such as geonets, concrete attachment systems (both new and existing concrete), and geosynthetic clay liners (GCL's).