Sierra Geosynthetic Services, Inc (SGS) commenced operations in the first quarter of 2002. SGS may be new but the people involved in it are some of the most experienced in the geosynthetics industry. SGS is a full service company, going beyond the supply and installation of geosynthetics.

Sierra Geosynthetic Services is also set up to do repairs, temporary ponds, transitional secondary containment areas, and inspections. Basically anything where the liner company needs to be in quickly with a small crew, inspect, repair or install the project and leave. A mining company, landfill supervisor, golf course superintendant, or general contractor has the ability to call SGS in Reno for a quick response. With a simple phone call and fax of a purchase order, they should feel confident that SGS has all the workers compensation, MSHA or OSHA training, and liability insurance ($5,000,000) in place.

Sierra Geosynthetic Services installs not only HDPE but also a wide range of flexible membranes such as Poly Vinyl Chloride (PVC), XR5 for hydrocarbon containment, EPDM, Hypalon and Urethanes to mention a few. Along with these materials SGS is able to supply all the ancillary components of a geosynthetic liner system such as geonets, concrete attachment systems (both new and existing concrete), geotextiles, geosynthetic clay liners (GCL's), and geocomposites (fabrics heat bonded to polynet or liners on one or both sides).

SGS specializes in the installation and supply of geosynthetics. Both large and small projects call for a lot of coordination with owners, contractors and suppliers. For engineers we have a wealth of experience built up over the years. If you need assistance finding the right product for the project to go smoothly, economically and safely – call SGS.